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Australia is an amazing place, with world-class food, wine, culture and natural wonders everywhere you look.

Daytrippa self drive guides have been created to help you find your way around our wonderful regions. Our guides bring together the best of our diverse tourism regions, packaging them into easily navigated daytrip adventures for the self drive market.

Each of our daytrips has been created in close conversation with the locals who know the region best, living the lifestyle every day. We are grateful that they are willing to share their local knowledge with us, and encourage you to jump in your car, get on your bike or organise some mates and get out there and pay them a visit.


How to use

A number of daytrip adventures have been created to showcase each region we support. Each daytrip provides an itinerary, GPS active maps to help you navigate, and lots of information about the businesses and experiences that you will enjoy along the way.

Simply select the region you wish to explore and browse the adventures that we have constructed for you, transferring one to your phone or tablet before you head out on your daytrip. You can use Daytrippa to guide you on a single day out, or string together a number of Daytrippa itineraries to create a longer journey across our regions.

A full regional guide is also available to support you in each region, up to the minute news stories and lots of local content. Follow our advice, enjoying the trails that we have created for you, or simply tag the businesses and experiences that interest you to create our own itinerary in the Favourites section.


List your business

Founded in South Australia, Daytrippa is now expanding to help travellers explore all of Australia. If you are interested in getting your region involved, please contact us using the details below.

If your business is based in a region that we already support, feel free to contact us to discuss becoming part of one of our daytrips. We are always excited to get another local involved to help us to develop a new adventure using their knowledge of the region.


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    Suggested regions to explore:

    Adelaide Hills image
    Adelaide Hills
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    Barossa Valley image
    Barossa Valley
    map icon


    Peterborough SA image
    Peterborough SA
    map icon


    The Limestone Coast image
    The Limestone Coast
    map icon


    Bordertown image
    map icon


    Naracoorte image
    map icon


    Coonawarra image
    map icon


    McLaren Vale image
    McLaren Vale
    map icon


    SA Food and Wine Trail image
    SA Food and Wine Trail
    map icon


    Port Pirie image
    Port Pirie
    map icon


    Broken Hill Art Trail image
    Broken Hill Art Trail
    map icon


    Broken Hill image
    Broken Hill
    map icon


    Clare Valley image
    Clare Valley
    map icon


    Adelaide Metro image
    Adelaide Metro
    map icon


    Port River Dolphin Trail image
    Port River Dolphin Trail
    map icon


    Campbelltown Food Trail image
    Campbelltown Food Trail
    map icon


    Heritage Rail Trail image
    Heritage Rail Trail
    map icon


    Fleurieu image
    map icon


    Victor Harbor image
    Victor Harbor
    map icon


    South Coast image
    South Coast
    map icon


    Burra & Goyder image
    Burra & Goyder
    map icon


    Urban Winery Tour image
    Urban Winery Tour
    map icon


    Southern Flinders Produce Trail image
    Southern Flinders Produce Trail
    map icon