Longview Vineyard

Longview is a stunning family owned Australian vineyard located just outside the historic township of Macclesfield in the Adelaide Hills. Set on undulating slopes reminiscent of classic old world estates, it has quickly established itself as one the most awarded vineyards in the region since its first vintage in 2001.

Brothers Peter and Mark Saturno were eager for a change from the big city lifestyle of New York City and decided they were ready to move back to their native South Australia to take on the challenge of producing the kind of premium, cool climate wines they had developed a passion for whilst abroad. Along with their sister, mother and father the boys have wine, food and hospitality in their blood and with help from dedicated vineyard staff, this family affair aims for further success while never forgetting the fundamentals of past achievements.

Longview Vineyard is a little warmer than other Adelaide Hills’ sites but its wines are still decidedly cool climate in style showing restraint and finesse without sacrificing depth. With gorgeous 4 star accommodation, breathtaking views from our cellar door, immensely popular Sunday tapas and a most sought after function centre, Longview Vineyard is more than just a premium wine producer: it is one of the most impressive wine tourism destinations in South Australia and the ‘Pick of the Adelaide Hills’.

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