Ngeringa Vineyards

At the base of the Mount Barker summit along the southern end of the Adelaide Hills sits a small straw-bale winery. To either side nestle three small vineyards.

The vines are small by design but they are sturdy and glowing with the health and self-sufficiency that their biodynamic condition harnesses. A small herd of Scottish Highland cattle graze in the neighbouring paddocks, with hay and grain growing in additional fields. Sheep roam the vineyard in winter and a flock of chickens and guinea fowl remain permanent residents amongst the vines. A small orchard and large vegetable garden give fresh produce to the vintage crew and to one of Adelaides top restaurants.

This is Erinn & Janet Kleins way of life and it is the way they create wines of distinction, with vitality of fruit and of a traditional style with elegance and structure. This is NGERINGA.

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