Stirling township

Stirling Adelaide Hills -for many, this unhurried village is acknowledged as the premier gateway to an incomparable lifestyle. Nestled in the citys clean and green hinterland it represents the essence of the Adelaide Hills way of life.

Just minutes from the city, Stirling can be reached along the Freeway, through Belair or Norton Summit, or you can choose some of those wonderful back roads less travelled all approaches are scenically superb.

Stirling is close enough to commute to the city or be included in captivating day trip adventures. Its become an ideal place to visit, as families enjoy the pleasures of a drive through the Hills. Popular in all seasons, it is particularly so in summer and spring with the slightly cooler temperatures.

Stirling – and its surrounds is truly sensational. Visit Stirling Adelaide Hills on Facebook, or better still come for a drive and see Stirling in person to discover the true essence of the Adelaide Hills.

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