The Cudlee Cafe

Nestled in the Adelaide Hills, just 40 minutes from the city, straight up Gorge Rd lies The Cudlee Creek Cafe.

The Cafe has been a well kept secret for many years and is frequented by enthusiasts of all kinds. Classic car clubs, motor bike groups, serious cyclists and athletes are amongst the few.

The owner, Babette Wilkinson, prides herself on the best selection of fresh locally sourced produce used in her menu. Most of this produce is organically grown and is also available to the public.
The interior has had a contemporary facelift with the addition of vibrant colours and uplifting designs. The first thing you notice, as you walk in the door is the aroma of freshly brewed Amanti coffee, drifting throughout the Cafe.
There is also a great outdoors area for the kids, nestled in to the edge of the River Torrens.

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