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Posted by Ripple on 21 Aug 2015 – 12:33 AM

In mid-July we were astonished to discover a humpback whale swimming up the Port River. Our excitment was tempered with the knowledge of the threats to a large mammal in a busy shipping channel, so the whale was carefully monitored until it chose to swim back out to sea.

Posted by Ripple on 24 Feb 2015 – 01:41 AM

As part of the Port River dolphins adoption program, we have replaced Wave with her daughter Ripple. Wave has not been seen for a number of months, and it is feared that she may dead after giving birth to a stillborn calf. Ripple allows us to continue the family tree though, sadly, she has just lost her own calf.

Posted by Red Lime Shack on 26 Nov 2014 – 02:17 AM

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