2. Garden Island

  • location icon Garden Island Road Garden Island SA 5015

The second interpretive sign is located near the boardwalk at the eastern end of Garden Island, which reflects the intimate relationship between this city and its surrounding natural environment.

Here we see a mangrove ecosystem and bird life existing in conjunction with industry. These mangroves are part of the most extensive forest of Grey Mangroves (Avicennia marina) in Australia. Why are the mangroves so important? Read the sign and discover.

On your way to Garden Island you will pass the Ships’ Graveyard, a landfill site, a power station and a wetland habitat, highlighting the diversity of the region. You will be surprised with what you find at the end of the road.

Garden Island is a popular recreational spot for fishing, boating and kayaking. Here you may see dolphins frolicking with fishing boats or enjoying the solitude of an aquatic reserve.

This stop offers good BBQ facilities and a place that the whole family can enjoy.

To find out more about the Ships Graveyard, pick up a brochure from the Port Adelaide Visitor Information Centre.

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