About the Dolphin Trail

Port Adelaide is a seaport city, well known for its maritime
heritage. Only a 20 minute drive from Adelaides city centre, its also
one of Adelaides most popular tourist destinations, with many attractions to offer its visitors.

Wild dolphins are one of those attractions and they can be discovered in the wealth of natural environments throughout the area. The estuary provides a home to one of Adelaides best-loved
creatures, the Bottlenose Dolphin!
A trail has been developed to provide you with a rare opportunity to unobtrusively watch the dolphins from the shore. Six interpretive signs have been positioned along the waterfront, each providing details about that location and the dolphins that can be found there.
Although dolphins dont appear on request, these locations are some of the most common areas in which dolphins are seen. The trail provides an opportunity to discover the diversity of the Port region and explore what it has to offer along its coast, island, marina, river and beaches.

The banks of the Port River are the perfect location from which to view the dolphins, or try from the beach or jetty.
A pair of binoculars maybe useful.
As with bird watching, a notebook is a handy tool in which to record features of the dolphins you are viewing and can help distinguish them from each other.
Dolphins are playful and friendly creatures, but do not be tempted to enter their personal space or disrupt their natural behaviour.
There are many other treasures to discover on this trail, including the extensive bird life, so why not start now and see the amazing natural assets of the Port Adelaide region.

Whether you visit all or only some of the locations, you are sure to discover another side to the Port and hopefully, its dolphins! Discover the dolphins by land or water.

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