Red Lime Shack

The goal of Red Lime Shack is to change the world.

We are positioned directly opposite the offices of one of the largest council areas in the state. We also make the finest tasting coffee in South Australia. Our 100% vegan food is freshly made each morning from whole ingredients, no shortcuts taken using salt, sugar, fat or white flour.

We have already received incredible feedback to our food from non-vegetarians, who were originally drawn in by the quality of our coffee then tempted to try something different for lunch. We don’t even tell them that our food is vegan, unless asked. Their experience of delicious, healthy, vegan food is an education and creates a ripple effect in the community that is profound.

We invite anyone to come in and ask, discuss or debate our ethos. We’re all in this together and have the same goal.

Open 7 days for breakfast and lunch. 158 St Vincent St, Port Adelaide.

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