Sorby Adams Wineroom & Pantry

With its heart and home in Barossas Eden Valley, Sorby Adams Wines is a boutique producer of quality, handcrafted, individual vineyard wines.

Owner and Winemaker Simon Adams (Simon David SORBY ADAMS) is passionate about creating varietal wines to reflect the strengths of Eden Valley which he believes produces some of the best Riesling and Shiraz in the world. This passion extends to exploring fruit from the worlds most respected wine regions to truly showcase what a variety can do.

Sorby Adams Wines is a reflection of Simons hands on approach to winemaking. It is his backyard 1932 vineyard that produces the flagship wines. He personally tends each vine to handcraft his Eden Valley range.

Bringing European style to Australian winemaking, Simon has developed a diverse range of wines full of regional flavours and nuances styled to optimise longevity.

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