Explore Silverton and surrounds

No trip to Broken Hill is complete without a visit to Silverton, just 25km north-west of town.

Once a thriving mining community, Silverton has resisted the urge to become a ghost town, and is now a surprising centre of art and culture for the region.

Start your day with a tour of the Historic Day Dream Mine, a unique experience for old and young alike. Don hard-hats and overalls and descend into what was once a thriving silver mine. Tours run 10am and 11.30am daily, and more regularly in the school holidays.

As you head towards Silverton, we also recommend that you stop in to the Silverton Cemetery where headstones dating back to the 1800s will tell you their own stories.

Penrose Park is a great place to explore with the kids, with BBQ and camping facilities, tennis courts, a small zoo, playgrounds and plenty to see and do.

Silverton itself is a jaw-dropping site. The entire town looks like a movie set, which is just as well, as it has been the film site of many Australian classics, including Mad Max, Razorback and Breaker Morant. Be sure to drop in to the Silverton Hotel and view the extensive photo galleries on the walls and spot a star!

Five art galleries & four museums are waiting to be explored!

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