Burra Heritage Passport

Meet Johnny Green here!

Relive the extraordinary history of Burra from the discovery of the worlds largest deposit to the slow decline of a way of life.

The town of Burra is rich with mining heritage and most of its 1840s legacy is intact. The surest way to get the whole picture is to buy a Burra Heritage Passport, which gives you instant access to see, hear and touch the past.

The Passport provides first-class access to the townships most important and intriguing sites, including the Redruth Gaol, the cellars of the Unicorn Brewery and the Miners Dugouts (the Hobbit-like holes lining Creek Street).

You will be joined by Johnny Green, miners mascot since 1852 as you explore the townships key sites. Using your mobile phone or tablet, Johnny will guide you through each of the intriguing sites on the Passport all free of charge for the Passport holder. Be sure to grab the Heritage Passport pamphlet from the Visitor Information Centre, and collect answers to its Scavenger Hunt as you enjoy the experience.

The Burra Heritage Passport also provides you with access to Burra’s three museums: the Bon Accord, the Market Square Museum (under the Lolly Shop at Market Square) and Morphett’s Engine House.

Thanks to the Heritage Passport Key, you’ll travel at your own pace, spending as long as you like at any or all of the exhibits. You really need two days to fully experience the richness of the Passport experience, and can hang on to the Passport Key for the length of your visit.

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