Broken Hill

Broken Hill is a colossus of mining history and a true oasis of culture in tough, outback country. In January 2015, the entire city was National Heritage Listed the first and only entire city or town to be included on the list.

Visit the Albert Kersten Mining and Minerals Museum in the beautifully restored former Bond Store to see what its all about. Tour the Sulphide St Railway and Historical Museum for exhibits from the remarkable Silverton Tramway one of the richest railway enterprises of its time. Try your hand at a game of two-up and explore the broad streets lined with stunning period architecture (no small number of them pubs!).

When the mines began to close in the 1950s, the artists moved in. Today you can tour galleries of sculpture and art inspired by the solace, or go further afield to explore the locations embraced by movie directors setting the scene for characters like Mad Max, Mission Impossibles Ethan Hunt and the girls of Priscilla.

Broken Hill is the largest of the Heritage Rail Trail towns, home to some 18,000 people. Its where youll discover popular community markets, a flourishing caf (and coffee) culture as well as the kind of comfortable accommodation youd expect in a city that has been welcoming visitors for generations.

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