Peterborough was a hero of the 20th century, a hissing, steaming hub of mighty locomotives sitting at the crossroads of a growing nation. At its zenith, Peterborough was home to over 100 railway movements a day so much steam action that the local climate was minutely changed.

Today, the spring skies are china blue, the kids no longer have to wipe the clotheslines clean of soot and the only whistles are from birds among the wildflowers. But Peterborough is still a large town and something of a crossroads for travellers towing caravans from all points of the compass.

Matching a passion for the past with a zest for today, the people of Peterborough welcome you with one of the nations finest heritage experiences, Steamtown rail museum. This is where youll discover the remarkable Roundhouse and its powerful collection of diesels and locos amazing by day and strangely moving at night when its the setting for an unmissable Sound and Light Show.

Be sure to enjoy Peterboroughs other historic collections as well as artists galleries, stunning private gardens, superb locally-sourced food, love of country and fondness for a good yarn. Theres also plenty of accommodation including one of Australias most lovely caravan parks. All reasons to stay a little longer in Peterborough.

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