Port Pirie

Port Pirie can rightly lay claim to being part of the remarkable industrial legacy born of BHP and the narrow gauge railway line: it was here that the ore was turned into ingots before being shipped to all corners of the British Empire.

Pirie is a town of parks and gardens on lovely gulf waters and although often overlooked, it easily rewards a visitor with an eye for something fresh and unusual.

Its maritime story is well told in the excellent Tourism and Arts Centre and beautiful museum but the legacy is clearly visible thanks to an extraordinary collection of late-Victorian port architecture lining the Main Road.

A highlight of your visit is the two-hour Outside the Gates bus tour, telling the story of the town and the 125-year-old smelter which is now the largest of its kind in the world. Former employees conduct the tour three times a week, weaving a fascinating story while visiting local icons including Fishermans Wharf, Church Circle, the Bridge to Nowhere and Memorial Park.

The townsfolk are friendly and the atmosphere relaxed. Fishing is huge in these parts; if you dont want to wet a line, simply head to Caputo’s to sample the catch of the day and some of the best smoked fish youll ever taste.

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