Southern Flinders

As the land begins its long, steady descent from Peterborough towards the Gulf St Vincent, a sudden change occurs: the climate cools, the rains become more reliable and agriculture intensifies.

The five railway townships on the route between Peterborough and Port Pirie look noticeably more prosperous, with grain production having sustained them long after the ore trucks stopped rolling.

Today, towns like Gladstone, Jamestown and Caltowie are prim and lush with their creeks and green parklands places that bring to mind days of picnics, feeding ducks and fishing for yabbies.

These townships are still home to their railway legacies, including period stations (dont miss the Jamestown museum in the lovely old railway station), railyards and pubs that watered many a thirsty crew. But youll also discover agricultural heritage (R.M. Williams was born near Jamestown) and the superb example of a Victorian gaol at Gladstone, which can be toured.

Theres fine country hospitality (and cooking!) available as well as places to overnight. F.C. Grubb has been selling its boutique cordials for over 140 years still available from a rather quirky tin shed in Gladstone!

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