Langton’s Trail

From small beginnings in Melbourne in 1988, Langtons has grown to become the major force in all sectors of the fine wine market in Australia.

Langtons Classification of Australian wine is the paramount form guide to Australias finest wines. Entry into the Classification is based on a wines reputation and track record at auction.

The inaugural Classification, in 1990, included just 34 wines. Classifications II, III and IV followed at approximately five-year intervals, tracking the leading wines, and documenting the dramatic growth and increasing maturity of the Australian fine wine scene.

By 2010, when the fifth edition appeared, the Classification had evolved to include 123 wines and its authority was universally recognised.

The sixth edition Langtons Classification of Australian Wine VI unveiled on 1 May 2014 includes 139 wines and incorporates a number of important changes and additions.

In its early years the Classification successfully strengthened the fledgling market for fine Australian wine. Twenty-five years later it is arguably the most famous and widely-respected wine Classification outside Europe.

The two basic requirements for inclusion in the Classification are that a wine has been made for a minimum of 10 vintages and that it has a track record in the secondary market.

Eligibility rests on how well a wine performs in an open market the volume of demand it attracts and the prices it realises. Ultimately, the reputation of a wine is based on its auction pedigree the record it builds up, over time.

Follow the Langtons Trail to experience some of the most exceptional wines in Australia, proudly produced in McLaren Vale.

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