One night stay

Stay the night with us.

Settle in for a great couple of days with us at Peterborough, enjoying an overnight stop with one of our quality accommodation providers, or at our a fantastic caravan park with its sweeping views of the Southern Flinders Ranges.

If you only have one night up your sleeve, we have prepared a bit of a mud-map itinerary to help you make the most of your time.

First stop, once you have un-hitched the caravan, or settled in to your accommodation, we recommend that you head up to the Greg Duggan Reserve on the north side of town (end of Government Road) to get your bearings.

From here you will get the lay of the land, and will be able to see our main street which follows the still active train-line which connects Port Pirie to Broken Hill. As you trace the line to the right you will be able to make out the Steamtown Heritage Rail Museum on the west side of town.

Head back into the heart of town, travelling along Kitchener Street in a loop to cast your eye over the late 1880s architecture which underpins a great deal of our town.

Wander the main street , the heart of our tourism experience, with a diverse array of entertaining sights and experiences. Drop in to our Visitor Information Centre situated in a converted railway carriage and have a chat with one of our team.

Take a short walk to the The Burg mural display at the local newsagency, providing a pictorial history of Peterborough from 1880s to present day.

Be sure to also drop in to the magnificent Peterborough Town Hall to enjoy the very popular Federation Quilt or the Meldonfield Miniature Collection on display in the YMCA next door.

You will find a number of great places to eat on mainstreet, from the quirky memorabilia-filled Cafe 229, set in our old cinema (watch out for the sloping floor) to a number of classic Aussie pubs, including the Railway Hotel.

While you could eat up most of the afternoon on the main street, make sure that you leave time to take the 1.5 hour interpretative tour at the Steamtown Heritage Rail Centre, just 2 minutes up the main street heading west.

Tours run continuously all day long (you can join in at any time) and explore this remarkable 4 acre heritage listed rail museum site – it’s an absolute must!

After your tour, there will be plenty left to see on main street, and you may also consider a wander through the Peterborough Motorcycle and Antique Museum located just off the main drag (Jervois street), offering something to entertain and intrigue every taste.

The jewel in the crown of any visit to Peterborough is our multi-award winning Steamtown Sound and Light Show.

Held approximately one hour after dusk every night of the week, it is important to ring ahead to book your seat and check on the start time. Give them a call (08) 8651 3355 and check the start time.

Click here to book online.

Grab some dinner at one of our four pubs, or perhaps the great little restaurant at the Roundhouse Motel, and get ready for a unique night of entertainment at Steamtown. Our hosts all know that you will need to be finished your meal in time for the show, but let them know that you are heading off early – just in case.

After the Light and Sound Show, you can head back to one of our great pubs to meet the locals, enjoying some country hospitality and a nightcap before heading off to bed.

In the morning, rested and ready to roll, there is great coffee and breakfast to be found at one of the cafes on the main street.

There is a great deal more to see in Peterborough, with the YMCA History Group Rooms, Dragon’s Rest Habitat Gardens, the antique Print Shop, Magnetic Hill and the Black Rock Art Gallery and Victoria Park to name a few of our wonderful attractions.

We would be sorry to see you head off, and encourage you to Stay an Extra Day, enjoying our Two night stay itinerary instead.

However, if you must move on, we hope that you remember us fondly and we look forward to another time when you might return to continue to explore our great town.

Warm regards, and travel safe,
The people of Peterborough

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